The “Stop False Reporting” Topic


Anyone else deal with this?


Nope. I’m sorry it’s happening to you. That is really annoying!


Yup. Honestly @Ana @awesomeonion @Rodrigo @t1_hopscotch @Liza should get rid of the report function. One of my WIP games “Hover Tanx”, got reported for no reason, and I spent weeks on it!


Well, I don´t think that the function should be removed. And you probably don´t need to worry about your project being taken down, as THT (The Hopscotch Team) most likely manually review each project report. It is still sad that you have experienced this though. You can always contact THT at if you have any questions to them or if your project gets falsely removed. They will do their best to help you :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks but the new update somehow deleted it. Weird…


Not manually review every project. Or atleast im pretty sure. I think the app filters out banned words in text objects, or the typing letters. After that anything reported gets reviewed.


Yeah, when I joined at first I got flagged for anything, when I wasn’t doing anything wrong!


Happens sometimes, typically only with featured now, but you can go to this topic to ask the curators to release it from the filter


OH THE IRONY if someone flags this topic lol


You are probably right. The app most likely has a filter built-in, and then stuff that gets reported but doesn’t get triggered by any filter or something like that goes to THT.


No, because we still need it for real issues


Sometimes it is the filter that comes with the app that automatically gets rid of projects with certain words in them