The State of the Forum (Jan 2018)

The State of the Forum: 2018

After the interesting month of January, we now have a few predicaments on our hands! This next posto will be discussing the state of the forum in 2018. Thanks for reading :ok_hand:

I also ran out of edits (again) so I decided to finish writing this :joy:

Topics that will be discussed:

• Bullying
• Forum Glitching
• Community Leaders
• Forum Bill Passing
• Spam Liking
• Profile Pictures
• Spam Flagging
• Alternate Account Speed Creation
• When to create a new Topic

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After what seemed like a forever of a long time, Xse finally seemed to have backed off and given up on the Forum (At least, I hope I don’t jinx it uh oh).

However, we have been getting some “xse wannabe” alternate accounts because apparently it’s cool to trick people into thinking that you’re the same person who called you some really innapropriate things. (I’ll discuss more about this later)

Besides the Xse situation, the forum has been running pretty smoothly. We haven’t had any major flame wars, and we are all on decently good terms with each other (unless I am mistaken, oop :flushed::joy:)


Current Bullying on the Forum
Forum Users Being Impersonated

Forum Glitching

One thing that I have noticed has disgruntled some people in the past month is the forum glitching. Thanks to my natural talents (and idk, recklessness) I have figured out a few ways to glitchy the forum!

Topic Nuking

to pretty much “nuke” a topic. It pretty much closed the topic for good and made it pretty glitchy. I did receive some backlash in the form of a few topics (And I’ll be discussing this later too, on when to create a topic).

Now in the middle of January, we were sort of in a “Cold War” “nuclear deal” “apocalypse” mode. Anyone who got angry or silly could use the nukinf ability and create some serious damages.

However, @William04GamerA and I reported this nuking glitch over to discourse and they fixed it. As of now, there aren’t any Forum threatening bugs, but there still might be some out there, who knows!

List of Other serious glitches in Forum:
- The destroying of the “latest” layout (fixed) (Yeah, sorry about this one)
- Breaking the OMTL (fixed) (will mention this later)
- Overlapping Text and Glitchmoticons
- Alternate users being named as existing groups
- Many other interesting glitches, but not too serious (Hehe, poll within a poll :joy:)
- Speed Alt Creation (Will talk about this later)
- @■■■■■■■■ / (@anon45945411)


Boom chicka boom, Ima talk a little bit about the backlash I’ve been getting on accidentally stumbling upon these glitches. :joy:

Hehe. Okeedokes, I’ve been noticing a bunch of topics that basically rebuke me about these glitches. Some examples are: “Hey, I know that a topic very similar to this has already been made, but I’m just gonna create a new one for some attention. Please stop glitching the Forum! Is this really necessary!”

I will be discussing more about this in a moment. This is merely what I’ve observed

In other words, people aren’t too happy with my forum glitching :joy:


OMTL User Limit Reached
How to be Untaggable on the Forum & Speed Alts
Overlaping Text and Glitchmoticons

Community Leaders

There’s been some talk about community leaders and whether or not they should make a return. We are pretty split so far on whether or not, most of us would say “It depends” but if given a choice of either yes or no, 75% of users agree that it might be a good idea to bring them back.

(If you want to catch up some more about this, read the references below)


1. Quickly Fix Situations

Community Leaders would be active enough to fix situations at the start

Example 1: Xse situation. He would get banned nearly immediately and would not get the chance to spread his innapropriate behavoir across the forum

Example 2: When the OMTL tag list got full when it hit 150 users, no one was able to tag it anymore. A Community Leader could’ve fixed that right away.

2. Keep the Forum Running Smoothly

Community Leaders would be able to keep the forum running smoothly and easily keep things organized.

Examples: They can create new categories, merge topics together, delete topics, lock topics, create groups, edit groups, undelete posts that were accidentally deleted, edit any post, remove any post, unlist topics, you name it. They can do a lot.

You get my point, Leaders can do a lot and can keep the forum efficient. Now let’s look at some cons


1. Constant Competition

There might be some real nasty competition between users about whether or not who would make a great leader. Flame wars ahead :/

If you have more cons, please tell me, thx

Well, now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons about Community Leaders you may or may not have shifted your view on whether or not we should bring them back.

How we can Bring Back the Leaders?

If we do want to bring them back, how do we do it? The only way is to uniminously vote on it after lots of discussion, and then respectfully email Liza and THT. They have the real power when it comes to electing leaders.

If we want to elect leaders, we should not choose on who we want to become a leader, we should have THT choose, if they even agree that they want Leaders back. This is because then whoever is the most popular should get the most votes, and when someone asks, “Hey, would I make a good leader?” no one is gonna disagree with you, because that’d be considered rude.

This has brought about the term, "False Positivity"
It is where the truth may not be the best thing or most polite thing to say, so you just say something “positive” or basically just agree with what the person is asking because it’ll make them feel good and stay friends with them.


Community Leaders on the Forum (Part 2) <-- Recap (This is an interesting read, too)
Community Leaders on the Forum (Polls)
Community Leaders on the Forum (Part 1)

Forum Bill Passing

Hey, here’s a new idea that’s been flowing around: Let’s make some bills and pass them!

I love this idea, as it gets people to focus on bettering the Forum and thinking about how to improve it. However, most of the changes that we want to make after passing a bill requires a leader to do it.

How do I vote?
As of now, there isn’t a specific topic on where to vote, but you do need to be a Regular. I did have an idea on creating a topic where all of the pending bills would be listed.

Can I submit a bill?
Of course! All ideas are welcome :ok_hand:


Friendly Mock Government Topic

Spam Liking

@AHappyCoder and a few others have figured out a way to easily spam like someone really quick! This technique can help you really spam one of your friends! When paired with a new technique to easily create alternate accounts, spam liking can become brutal! As in 1,000 likes in 10 to 15 minutes brutal! :joy:

However, some users aren’t too keen on becoming spam liked. It just really isn’t there thing. Even though they are racking up some likes, it just isn’t fun for them. Some of these people are getting angry at spam likers, but fear no more!

There is an old Forum trick to not get notified when someone likes one of your posts. Ask @AHappyCoder or some other users who’ve been around for a long time, mostly because idk how to turn off the notifs myself :joy:


Profile Pictures

Have you noticed that some users have the same profile picture? No! Haha, well it’s really hard too because it’s confusing :joy:

Some users (including myself) have participated in games where we all gather and load up the same profile picture. However, it is not appropriate to use someone else’s pfp without their permission.

Users can get very angry when people impersonate them, so always ask beforehand if you’re allowed to use someone else’s pfp (unless you’re planning a surprise party or something, and everyone is gonna be the same pfp at once and it’ll be hilarious :joy:)

Just don’t do anything that you know would be mean or rude to someone else.


Profile Picture Games!

Spam Flagging

Now this is something that I hoped I wouldn’t be hearing :/ Apparently, people are getting flagged for no apparent reason, cuasing them to lose regular!

Let’s discuss on when to flag a post

You may Flag a Post when:

- It is completely disrespect and innapropriate. Something that you would never say to someone else. Basically, it is a completely uncivilized post.
- The poster is persisting to be off topic and spamming on purpose, destroying the conversation that is taking place.

When to Flag a Post (cont)

However, these are just guidelines. Here are a few precautions to take before you whip out some flags.

Ask the user kindly to settle down / chill in a respectful way:

“Hey bro, I noticed that you are getting a little intensified right now. Just breathe a bit, I don’t want you getting flagged”


“Hey dudem, that post isn’t super helpful to the convo, did you mean to post that?”

or in certain cases

“Hey, I’m gonna be up front about this, you are being pretty disrespectful. This is uncalled for, I don’t want you getting flagged”

If a user is still disrespecting you after you respectfully confronted him, then you have reason to flag their posts. But usually, they’ll understand and realize that what they are doing probably isn’t the coolest in town.

What we don’t want is a user to be super flaggetized for something that they didn’t realize that they were doing. We all need a wake up call sometimes. :ok_hand:

(none) or I forgot oop

Alternate Account Speed Creation

As of recently, @Petrichor and I have discovered easy ways to create alternate accounts wicked quickly!!

The method that we are using allows us to created 2 to 3 accounts per minute using the same email address. Pretty insane, right!? (I might say it’s a glitch, but it is more of a method. Many websites allow you to take similar actions)

However, we are getting some pretty decent backlashing from discovering this glitch/method (and creating well over 500 accounts within a week :joy:)

(The ironic part about it is that people are creating multiple new topics to tell us that we are creating too many accounts :joy:)

Creating alternate accounts is harmless, unless used for bad intentions. Alt accounts are free for discourse, they don’t clog up space as multiple topics do, and they are fun to spam like with :joy:

When to Create a Topic?

Honestly, this has been around for quite a while. People have been creating topics left and right, which is great, but some of them could be put in gt’s or other appropriate places.


Example 1: You have a really cool piece of art that you’d like to show the Forum. It’s, like, the coolest thing ever bro! What should you do? Create a new topic because it’s so splendiforous? Or post it on the Official Drawing Topic?

Example 2: You’ve been on the Forum for a month, and it’s time to celebrate! The forum is great! Should you, create a topic because you’ve been on for a full month, or have an epic bo snazzy party on your general topic?

Example 3: You’re fessed up about something that’s happening and others are too. However, you see that they’ve already created a topic well describing the situation! Should you, create your own topic, because you can do it better, and you like the attention, oooor, agree with the other user’s topic and add to the discussion?

I don’t want answers to the questions in the examples, I just want you to think about them.

One reason why we’d like Community a Leaders back is that they can merge topic together. How cool is that! It keeps things organized, and it’s pretty slick.


By the way, thanks for anyone who took the time to read through this all. It really means a lot!


Some Poll

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  • I liked most of your ideas, but I disagree a little but on a couple
  • Eh, I don’t know, I don’t really agree with what you’re saying, but you gave me a lot to mull over :thinking:
  • I’m Nindroid :smile: aka it was good

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