The State of the Forum (Feb 2018)



Chakins and jumpyducks
Drop de doodle do :joy:

2016 was a fun time, but I guess so is all of it lol


It’s a song made by Shawn Wasabi. its also a meme. but the meme is not super kid friendly… the song is though and here’s the song :smiley:

turn on the CC for the lyrics
The lights on the sample board look so cool :o




Pretty sure that happened to treefrogstudios, though I doubt they are the same because they have completely different typing styles




:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Everyone is gilbert except for sam


Some really noddy fellow


I didn’t knew the last one, but if makes sense as it’s used in HTML to leave messages (like the #-symbol) in Python. Thank you for telling this!


Awesome topic once again. Sorry I didn’t really contribute because I didn’t have my iPad


I remember a few flame wars (I think) but they were minor

Everyone was too tight to the rules and whatever and it was well ok but not as fun

Like I know this is for hopscotch only but then it was strictly hopscotch only and strictly to topic
That isn’t so much now

I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing

Sorry for waffling on and being a lol :sweat_smile:


Gah so much effort!
Seriously great topic
This is great once again


Wow! So useful! I’ve been inactive and I just come here!


You’re welcome! :smile:
I’m glad it’s helpful :ok_hand:


Look at the one in Januar.


Phone? Tablet? Samsung? Android? Nokia?
Safari / internet works on all that
What’s the real reason?


No I had my phone and it is impossible to type on.


Ahh, yeah
Androids are really annoying


We need to make another state


He’s going to do that early April.


That would be awesome, I’ll probably need community help with it though