The State of the Forum (Feb 2018)



Yeah season 2 coming.
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Wow awesome, probably took hours to write XD


Yeah, something or other thanks :smile:


No idea :thinking: I must’ve made a typo yeah I did


These are my favourite topics… it informs me sooo much about the stuff that happening on the forum lol


Heck you’re up late


Wow, this is a nice overview
More people need to see this.


This is a great topic and a summarization of the month as well! I read everything :slight_smile:


Woah! Thanks!
It means a lot to me :D


Lol it was only like 2:30 am


Ok lol that’s allgood XD


It kinda was… there was almost no flame wars and stuff and everyone got along most of the time (as i remember it)


2016 on here was basically like how it is now but masked with a thick layer of fake positivity


Yeah, exactly

The winky emoji especially :wink:
It felt super passive aggressive now that I look back on it


what was the HTML code word thing to hide characters?


<these bracket dudes>

Or you can type:

<!-- Type this to hide any character, even emojis :smile: -->


I feel ashamed but weirdly proud of the cringe things I started on here in 2016

Chakins and jumpyducks got a cult following for some reason. It’s really stupid in hindsight, but it was definitely memorable


like dis?


What the hec is burnt rice


Youououo got it :ok_hand: Awesome saucages :smile: