The State of the Forum (Feb 2018)



Did you link one of my posts or something? Or was it the topic of the omtl max where we were linked via the omtl?


My first ever trail art got featured! I’m sure you can do it! Just sit there for an hour or so…

Lol the only reason I tried to create that trail art was because I ya don’t hung else to do and I had no internet


There is one about a cat that you missed out… hang on I’ll find it!


I’ll do something to get on the state of the forum in march.


The “list of hopscotch loading screens” link linked to your post in the topic.


Oof okay


I Love how there’s no negative option :joy:


Awesome thank you!! Wowowowowo
I’ve got like 107 on the list so far, it’s super tricky to find new ones

Is it the one with cats have 20 something muscles in their ears?


Ah, ok
It was super awesome though, wow!


:shushing_face: spoiling my secrets :joy:


How long did it take you to get every single loading screen? Like ages I’d guess :sweat:


@Jonnygamer should I spam you?


Like an hour or 2, it wasn’t too bad, I just Screenshotted them and copied them down and alphabetized them


Well, if you do, prepare for a come back tomorrow with my laptop :joy:

Since you’ll be off sleeping or something, Ima do a super spamo lol


Wow 2 hours geez you had the time?


ill get you in an hour or two. And m coming hard bro :fist_left:


Hehe during the night hehehe hehe
Late hours lol oop I’m tired time to sleepydoo


Yeah, I’ve noticed you’re going to bed earlier than you usually do
That’s good
Then I can spam you while your sleeping


Uh oh! I’ve been spooked lol
Good night, and I’ll do double if what you do tomorrow, maybe even mooore

I gotta wake up early though


I went to bed at 3am yesterday (I mean today or idk§ nevermind

I need a semi ok nights rest tonight, goood night bye

Aw man season 2 didn’t hit 2K today, oh well
Gonna do it tomorrow, and also get to 2250 somehow :joy: