The State of the Forum (Feb 2018)



The State of the Forum: 2018

Welcome to the first continuation of The State of the Forum 2018. In the following post, we’ll discuss the state of the forum for February 2018. I plan to make one of these at the end of every month. Wowy! Did anyone else feel like February was a quick month, oh mano

Topics that will be discussed:

• Alternate Accounts
• Espresso.Machine & Sam (Alt Accounts)
• Spam Tagging
• OMTL User Limit Reached
• List of Blocked Forum Words
• Community Leaders (etc)
• Nominations for Featured 2
• When to Create a Forum Topic
• The State of the Forum over the years

@OMTL The post is below :ok_hand:

JonnyGamer's General Topic Season 2 -- frying magikarps and the invasion of BIDOOF drop de doodle doo no one knows who wrote dis proffesһionalley. ALMIGHTY HAMILL TOTES MY GOATS Chips Ahoy

Alternate Accounts

Hey, this still has been a bit of a buzz lately. With the discovery of easily creating many alternate accounts back in January, some users have created some interesting ideas.

We’ve seen a few more Xse wannabes over the course of the month, and it is as irritating as ever.

If you see an Xse wannabe, or any new account acting odd:
- Keep a careful eye on them :eyes: but be polite and welcoming
- If the user continues making mean/inappropriate statements, flag away. It’s a troll
- If the user is making multiple topics, just ignore them and put the topic in “Random Stuff” or “Lounge”

It’s super tough to determine whether or not a user is an alternate account or not. Here are some easy ways to tell:
- User creates a General Topic as their first topic
- User doesn’t ask for help or any tips to navigate the forum (They seem advanced)

Espresso.Machine & Sam Accounts

Welp, over the course of the month, we’ve come across a couple of well know alternate accounts. Here’s an overview of them, and why they were made.

Espresso.Machine Overview

@Espresso.Machine is an account which was created on Jan 24. It was pretty unknown, and only posted 1 time within it’s first couple weeks on the Hopscotch Presidential Campaign Topic. It seemed interesting that a new user like this would suddenly want to run.

This new user laid low until February 17th when they suddenly came out and started critiquing people’s topics. A post of this type would look like:

The espresso machine has spoken: This topic is approved


The espresso machine has spoken: This topic is disapproved. Reason: Unnecessary

We soon learned later that this user had, “Came back from a hiatus and saw that the HS forum was a mess” so they decided to put it upon themselves to, “fix the mess”. Apparently, they thought that 2016 was the golden year.

The espresso machine also gave away 3 hints as to which account they used beforeL
- Joined during 2016
- Became inactive on November 2017
- Recently checked up on the forum and created the espresso machine account

Due to process of elimination, the only users to fit the requirements were: Tacocode and Weathercats

More Theories: Some users believed that Espresso was either @Petrichor or @JonnyGamer, but since espresso showed an obvious dislike to us, it didn’t seem very plausible. Except for the fact that Nindroid combined his votes and Espressos votes in the HS election together, which seemed suspicious.

Sam Overview

@HeyoMyNameIsSam is an account which was created on February 21. They immediately started posting on the Mental Awareness Topic, which was an obvious red flag that they were an Xse wannabe.

The next day, this Sam user started swearing and spam creating topics showing an obvious dislike of @Petrichor. They also spam tagged the OMTL and Nindroid groups, (Both with 250+ users in each) while swearing and etc.

Many emails were immediately written to THT and the Sam user was banned for 1000 years (The only other user to be banned for that long is @OneHalfBath)

Note: The Sam user attack was pretty comical (amidst the swearing), as their try at taking the forum seemed pretty weak, which brought some hilarious roasts, almost as if it were planned.

Reason for Creation: Upset about the apparent messy state of the forum

Reason for Creation: Just a troll

Spam Tagging

During the Sam attack, we found a weakness to gigantic user groups.
Troll accounts are able to tag hundreds of users multiple times within seconds. How annoying is that!?

What we can do:
Remove ourselves from these massive groups

What THT or Discourse can do:
- Users with Trust Level 1 cannot tag any groups with 250+ users (or only once per day)
- Massive Groups cannot be tagged more than once within the same topic (or only once per week)
- If a post with a tag is flagged, the tag becomes cancelled and no notifications are recieved

OMTL User Limit Reached

So right before February started, The OMTL Reached its Limit of 150 accounts. Therefor, no one could tag the OMTL and it was hilarious :joy:

As you’ve definitely heard, the OMTL is back, but is vulnerable to spam attacks.

Spam Attacks:
- Masses of Alts joining the OMTL to block it again
- Spam tagging the OMTL in posts (discussed above)

List of Blocked Words in the Forum

I made a list of some of the most hilariously blocked words on the forum, like ■■■■■■ for example
(workse Idk what It even means, please enlighten me :P)

Here is the topic, if you wish to visit it or add any of your own finds: List of Blocked Words
Please don’t add actual swear words, those ones are blocked for reasons.

Which reminds me, we found 2 separate ways to tag @■■■■■■■■ (fredrick)
- @anon45945411)
- <a class=mention> @fredric<filler>k = @■■■■■■■■ or @Fredrick

Comminity Leaders (etc)

So, we’ve been getting more an more talk about the need for community leaders this past month. Here’s the overview of what’s happened in this topic: The Forum Needs Moderation

- Problems can be fixed easily
- Can give helpful advice
- Maintain the Forum
- Mature during issues
- Deal with Trolls and Flame Wars

- Possible fake positivity
- Could be too lame, stuck up
- Come with a whole new set of problems
- Biased
- Can abuse powers

All in all, it’s up to THT to choose a leader who is mature, responsible, and pretty spiffy
But who knows if they have the time to do it :/

Nominations for Featured 2

The original Nominations for Featured topic had finally hit 10 thousand posts as of February. Wow! That was one amazing topic!

The @hopscotch-curators then created the second official Nominations for Featured topic.

When to Create a Forum Topic

Bouncing off of @Espresso.Machine, when is it appropriate to make a new topic. According to them, the forum is messy and jumbled up with many unneeded topics.

I wouldn’t consider the forum a messy place, but some topics are a little annoying or unnecessary. But we need to address people with kindness about their topics.

For example, let’s say you’ve been working on a topic idea for a while now, and you’ve spent a good time working on it. You’re hoping that an awesome discussion will take place and whatnot. Once you post it, you go out for a couple hours and come back to see what’s happened. You see a few replies, but as you read them, they just say “SBYP”. You have no idea what you did wrong.

Pretty disgruntling, isn’t it? Seems a little rude for something like that to happen. Maybe it doesn’t altogether happen exactly 100% the way I wrote it, but I have seen multiple instances where a user posts something, and they get the “SBYP” without any responses to improve upon their topic.

I don’t know, it’s just something to think about

The State of the Forum over the years

Something that I thought could be an interesting idea is a Hopscotch Timeline, a Hopscotch Forum Timeline, or the complete histories of Hopscotch. It’d be nice to have something like this somewhere, so users could look back and see what HS was like so many years ago.

It’d consist of stories, screenshots, lists of famous innovative projects and users and the like.

This needs to be a topic, I’ve suddenly got a whole bunch of ideas
Respond below what you think of it

I guess why that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been creating these topics, to keep some sort of history, and also inform people about what’s been popping for the past month in a formal way (This is the most formal I’ve been for a whole month wow)

Yeah, there’s this too: List of HS Loading Screens
I’ve written down 107 different Hopscotch loading screens, and I’m wondering if there are any more.


Some Poll

  • Awesome topic! I read through it all! You’ve got some great ideas in there :D
  • Great ideas, I agree with most of them, but not all. Props to you on the topic, though :+1:
  • To be honest, this topic was so long I didn’t read all of it :joy: I’m sure it was great

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What are you talking about?

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The espresso machine has spoken:
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Awesome saucages, I’m glad to see your back :ok_hand:
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Oh yeah! Also, what would you think about having a topic where people submit their own ideas for the HS loading screen like a competition sort of thing?


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They are not that bad! They are just keeping the forum in order! In my mind they are a bit funny!! I asked them to go round to all my topics and tell me want they thought about them, so do not criticise them!

@Espresso.Machine can you please ask before going round to people topics… just so you won’t get as much criticism!


The espresso machine has a comment for @Stal98:
The espresso machine only does full inspections if asked.


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Your Uluru project was super awesome!


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