The Square Root of -1



If you feel that you are a good coder but rarely noticed, then this is the collab for you!
In this collab/club/group, in every non-remix project you must have a VISIBLE object that says something like “Cool Hopscotchers!” And when you click it, it has a list of the people in this collab.
This is a way to get more people noticed.




In Hopscotch, the square root of a negative number returns… I forgot, but it starts with an n and isn’t null.


The square root of -1 is i


We said the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the point. Imaginary numbers, Hopscotchers that aren’t recognized…


Ooh deep :smiley:


Cool lol. Didn’t look at that. But coool.




I would do it but I can’t log out XP
I forgot my E-Mail I made up and my password XD