The squad is back!



Or do this:
<(insert random letters)>


Lol, you can do it, i can't. TRIGGERED


Or do this instead of the dot

Im lea<hjjh>ving
I'm leaving



Your a genius. By the way, can anyone tell me what all they did to hopscotch over the summer (Was gone lolol)


Yay :smiley:
Thanks :blush:

And the Hopscotch update gave the editor a different design, the same design as the iPhone editor


They should add a feature where we can update our games without publishing a new version. Also a follower count would be cool. It Would be cool to see that in Hopscotch in the future @Liza


Ooh, nice suggestions


Hopefully this year of coding is even better than last! Maybe we can get 2 or 3 top featured games!!!


Remember how Bananadog got featured twice in a week? (I nominated the second one :grinning:)