The squad is back!



What's up Hops! As I said in my last post, @CrookedCat6519 , @KoalaKrazy , and I will be gone until AUGUST! So on the 17th, we will be back in action! I missed y'all so much over the summer! Also keep us posted about the New changes, I feel like Hopscotch will feel like I've never used it before! But I can deal with the problems!


How does that gif relate to your topic at all? :D
I love that gif though! :3 Elmo is amazing! :0


Why not! Gifs are gifs!



I put it there to say that I'm excited, nothing mroe and nothin less :grinning:


Srry to ask, but whats that say??



I remeber in may I wrote that!
I miss may, it was so awesome


Oh, that cool! :slight_smile:



Did I get hacked?!?


Nope! A giant N blocked you.....







Well, bye! Are you leaving for vacation?


Lol, I'm coming BACK from vacation! :joy::joy:


Oh, why did you make the post 36 minutes ago then? :thinking:


Which one? If you are talking about the "■■■■■■■■■■■ for the summer" one, it's because I just replied on it!


What the HECK? Why did it bleep that out?


Oh, I see! Thanks for making it clear! :smile:


Put a dot in the middle of that word


Ok, thx. I have not been liking the censor thing


I'm leaving is somehow blocked