The SmileyAlyssa😊 Locked Website


Ok! I bet many people have heard of my locked website! By the way, the password is 777. Anyways, I need tips, shoutouts, and ideas.


Have a great tip? Please share it! I'm always looking for them to put into my website! I don't need one to complicated, nor super duper easy. But if you could give me a tip of something with an explanation, that would be great! Or if you just have like a simple one sentence tip, I would be happy to hear that too! I need stuff for my website!


Know or am a awesome coder that you think deserves more? Tell me the username of that person! (It can be you!) I need nice shoutouts for my Website! If you could give a description of this Hopscotcher and why they deserve a shoutout, that would be awesome! But otherwise, please nominate someone or yourself! I need some new ones for my website! (But if they are like a seriously good one that is super famous like MagmaPOP, I don't need one like that. They already have enough! No offense!)


Have an AWESOME idea?! Know who to improve the website? Tell me! I am open to ideas! I'm always looking for ways to improve this thing! And I will be sure to give you credit!

THANK YOU FOR READING! I would appretiate if you respond!

This is not for any type of chat besides the website! I really need ideas and things, so if you are not here to talk about the website then there is no reason to respond to this! I just really am looking for stuff to just improve!


Use a keyboard instead of a keypad with numbers :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Even if it ends with evil emoji's?


Could you place a link to your website or is your site a hopscotch project?
i've made a website and could help you out.


For a shoutout: Manateeshirt:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smiley::sunglasses::neutral_face: Is pretty awesome, they make some awesome stuff, like Fabric of reality ( ) or Physics ( ) they've been featured at least once, the project was ANTS!!! ( )


This is the Website!


are you not worried about showing the password here?



(PS: user is suspended until futher notice)


Nope! It's not really private now, and it's just a website, I just thought it would be fun to add a code,


just be ready for some bad messages that will soon appear from someone.




nearly every account that has the password shown has been hacked with projects deleted and offensive messages left.
this will most likely happen again


I don't understand


That's just one project. It's not my real account password.


nevermind. I wish you good luck.


Huh? Why do I need good luck?


i don't have any more helpful info to give you.
Good luck.


Oh. Ok. Thanks.


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