The Smiley Lottery!




I have made a Smiley Lottery!

A lot of people are just like if you get 2 you get 5 likes and stuff like that. But with mine, on Monday, I actually am going to do a lottery ticket for myself. And the three numbers I get are the winners! So you get lots of likes and a shoutout! Plus more!!! (Secret) So please enter today! Thanks


I entered its an awesome idea SA!


Yep! I got yours! I am taking screen shots of every single lottery ticket!


I'm already in trending!


Wow That was fast!!!!!!!


Yah but I'm WAYYY down


Yah I saw.................. I never get on trending


Nice idea smilinalyssha! But I warn you coz Your famous you're gonna get ALOT.


Eh... I'm not very famous. And that's OK! I managed to handle getting all of those remixes for keep calm... Oh boy I certainly hope it's not as bad as that! I had like 5 remixes per minute!

@JaszyKake you changed your name?! I like it!


Seriously... You don't think you're famous!!?? Your not as famous as some but DEFINITELY famous!! If you get on to featured I consider that FAMOUS!!


Oh! That's what famous on Hopscotch means???? Oh ok. Ya,,, now it's at the top of trending. I have two featured projects, about three maybe in rising, and then a TONNN on trending.


Kind of a cool idea. Never knew about the lottery. Sounds fun. The chances are low, though. Not as bad as the Power Ball, but low. I don't know how you give that many likes without 100 accounts.


Mine are legit XD

I like every single project


What do you mean? I'm just giving likes to the winners. I can give that many likes!


SO. MANY. REMIXES!!!! Ahhhhhhh i didn't think i would have this many!


We're you being sicastic? Because you can be famous other ways but if you get on to featured someone FROM the hopscotch team actually chose that one to be right on the front page when you come in.


Weird hi, I'm not being sarcastic.


YAY!!!! (I'm not a very good speller)


I'm just not used to all remixes and likes!!!:grimacing::grimacing: like a month ago i only had like 4 followers!


That's a great idea! I think its better than if you get 100, I will follow you, because for those you can keep replaying it until you get 100, but for this, no one knows what that lucky number is!

Sorry for my rant