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The Smart Website 1.2

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The Smart Website is jam-packed full of facts and other things!

Update log

3 pages. Not much.

10 pages. Random button.
Color codes. Click sounds.

Funny update
Funny book. Favorites.
11 pages.

Shark week update
Shark pet. Shark book.

Spanish update
Spanish. Update log.
7 pages (funny)

Adventure update
More pages. Wild adventure book.
Mini-facts. Much more!
(Next planned update)

Event log:

Open your bookstack for the upcoming update!
The Smart Website hasn’t been updated in a while, and we’re preparing for a BIG update!

Turn on color codes and help code!
We are about to start hiring hopscotchers for The Smart Website, and when we do, we’d appreciate you help! We don’t know if we’re creating a collab account or not.

We’re excepting a book’s worth of suggestions!
Suggest whatever! Books, pages, features, anything you would want in the next update!


Make gret?

K, idk what this is, but checking it out! :slight_smile:

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What? Not opinions.

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It's an anagram. Try to decode it.

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29 found. Displaying all:
Mega Trek
Game Trek
Maker Get
Taker Gem
Take Germ
Teak Germ
Tamer Keg
Tram Geek
Mart Geek
A Keg Term
A Gem Trek
Eat Keg Mr
Tea Keg Mr
Eta Keg Mr
Ate Keg Mr
Tag Eek Mr
Tag Eke Mr
Ark Get Em
Ark Get Me
Mat Keg Re
Tam Keg Re
Rat Keg Em
Rat Keg Me
Art Keg Em
Art Keg Me
Tar Keg Em
Tar Keg Me
At Geek Mr
At Keg Rem

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Looks like your still not getting it. You have to also rearrange the letters of both words, like take the "g" from gret and put it in "myke"

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What is a anagram?

Myke greht.

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Greek Myth?

The play button is a link.

But some of the Funny book jokes are so cringeworthy......

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Cool website!

Yahhh! Some-one likes my web-site! Some-one likes my web-site!

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