The Smaller....The Bigger?


I'm working on a last-minute Easter project...on that project, I've got two values.

Let's name one of them VALUE A.
Name the other, Value B.

This is what I want:

The Smaller of the number VALUE A Is, The Bigger Of A Number VALUE B Will Be Set To.


So you want help? @Hoppertoscotch


Yes, please. I'm very rushed to get this project done and with my weird charging issues with my iPad, I'm strongly against the clock!!!


You Don't Have To Rush! You Can Publish It On Easter!


Well, STILL! I'm gonna be busy stuffing my face with candy tomorrow, @BlueStarGirl!!!


I'll help! Please post it and I'll work on it!

What's your hopscotch name?



Me Too! And playing with my relatives and celebrating, and I'm confused and puzzled, going to make a project to help.


Did You Say CANDY?! Candy Is Life!


I don't want to give any spoilers! Just please gimme the code!!! (All you need to do to not confuse me is either make screenshots of the code or tell me what blocks to place where with specific details)

Either publish it and show link or show me screenshot, then please.

Exactly. Answer to your question before :sweat_smile:


Can't make it work, sorry.


Nooooooo there must be a way, @Wookie ?!? Pwease show tutoia. PWEEEEEAAAASSSEEE


Ugh. I have another way to do it.....but it's just ANNOYING to code. PLEASE!!!

I'm gonna @ some awesome people who may have answer.




What shall I do now?

  • Do the Annoying Way
  • Wait



You can "check once if" Value 1 was increased by -1(use another value for this), then increase Value 2 by 1.

I don't know how your project is supposed to can you add a link?


Let's say that you already have something to set the A value... Then you just have to set B to something minus the A! For example:
Set Value (B) to 20-(A)
So if A is 0 then B is 20



Objective "Find Way To Do" Complete!!!

Next Objective:

Find the right number to replace 20.


I am not sure what are you asking...


Just replace 20 with the maximum of A.
(example: say that A can't be bigger than 360, then replace 20 with 360.)


Now that I think about it, I know how I have to do this....