The single text project challenge!



Have you ever tried to create a project with only one text? It may be harder than it sounds. Try it on your own!



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Challenge Accepted (jkbtegkjbgekjetgbkjfeb


Look what I've already made: Bit Bird!! (Working on pts system)


@MobCraft and I had a dare... :sweat_smile:


I will do this!!!


Are you allowed clones?


Yes, mostly the only way to do something is clones. My bit bird uses clones, but it was very difficult to create


Finished! It's a little laggy becuase of the when something is touching something function. That's just a bug on hopscotch, so on newer iPads, it may be less laggy. Anyway, here's the link!
@Rawrbear @MobCraft @Huggingfluffybear @Hermione