The simulator competition sign up!


you be non-biased?: Nono !! I will not be all !! I am really fair !,
Will you be committed? YAH !! I Definatly will be !,


I'll be a judge
I won't be non-based and i abousolutely be comitted


Sorry hermione. Silver dolphin just got the last spot! :frowning: you can still get competitor though!


anyone else want to do it? I have competitor spots open! 10 to be exact!


I won't participate, but can for first place can you put "spam likes from TRC on the forum"


You got it!


A1-Idc who makes what. I'm just looking for quality and accuracy.
A2-Yes, I'd really like to see what people can make.


Spot are now closed. Silver dolphin took the last spot. We need competitors though!


I don't really want to be a judge though...


I was talking to catwithabrush


You replied to me lol XD


oops! Sorry!


It's fine :D XD


@Pingu you're using my fav emoji as your profile picture








Ok sorry


I'll join the comp sign me up


Great! I really like simulators, and I think i'll join this competition :D