The simulator competition sign up!


So I've been wanting to do a competition for a while, so here it is! Basically, just make a simulator of ANYTHING!!!! iPad simulator, helicoptor simulator, car simulator, toilet simulator, YOU NAME IT!

By the way, I'm one of the judges.


Competitors (need 7 more):
Experience with making simulators:____
Experience with hopscotch:____
Experience with coding:____
Will you be committed to submitting your project?:____


1st Place:
Likes on all your projects by @Zachyswag
Follow by @Zachyswag
Simulator nominated for featured
2 extra projects nominated for featured
Shoutout in my bio
I'll try to get you a title
Spam likes on the forum from @TheRainbowChicken
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Spam likes on the forum from @CatWithABrush

2nd Place:
Likes on 10 projects by @Zachyswag
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Simulator nominated for featured
1 extra project nominated for featured

3rd Place:
Likes on 5 projects by @Zachyswag
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Simulator nominated for featured

Please join in!!!!!

  1. Me
  2. @CatWithABrush
  3. @Silverdolphin
  1. @MiiR_legend
  2. @CodePerfect
  3. @LegendOfFriday



Awesome! Simulators are my favorite type of game! I'll let you know if I'm going to join, I have to think of a good idea first!


Ok! I hope you join!


Anyone else wann join!?


You could use the OMTL


I don't really understand how to do that


Hi, @Zachyswag! I'm not on the OMTL, although this is a great topic!

Maybe switch the one you have to the one in this topic?


Is tha the original omtl?

Because i dont like being mass tagged and I'm not in the list :D
Sounds cool, but don't code really anymore ;-; good luck!


I'm. Not. On. The. OMTL.

Please. Use. The. Real. One. Thx.


Sorry. I have no idea how to do the OTML,so I made my own.


I don't know the real one. I made up my own. Sorry. :frowning:


Okay! That's okay, we all make mistakes (especially me).

Well, the real OMTL is on the topic I linked!


Could you please use the normal OMTL?

I'm definitely not on the normal one, and I've never added myself.


Can I be a judge?
I'm on Hopscotch everyday
But it's okay if you don't let me in :D


Great idea! :D

However, please use the official mass tag list from this topic, some people might not want to be tagged. :)


Fill out the form for judge


EDIT: sorry I have read 'will you be biased'...


Your in! :wink:


There! The OMTL is up to date!


Thanks :D