The Sims: Hopscotch Discussion Area! EVERYBODY WELCOME!


This is the area for beta testing for The Sims and discussion. Please do not spam, use bad language and immaturity is not allowed. Just be nice. Thanks!

Special thanks to @Huggingfluffybear for the idea!


Woah this is not JUST for beta testers it's for everyone in the group!


Ok then sorry! 202020


It's fine!

We can have secret topics like this one for beta testers and others for coders and so on!


Yep. Could you possibly get everyone on this discussion when you are done with all the beta testing selections?


Umm I have been wondering how do you get beta


This is for a collab, and we have not started the game yet. Liza has an amazing topic for hopscotch beta testing though. :smile:


So how do you get beta can you get it on IPad


You should go to Liza's topic to find out,

You can't get beta for this game we are making.