The Sims Game Collab!


Would anyone be interested in doing a collab on making a Sims game on HS! What are your opinions?

  • Awesome Idea
  • Bad Idea (State Why)



Sounds awesome!! :wink: Would it be complicated sims type game or simplerish? (Sorry that's the only word I could come up with XD)


I don't know... Probably simple in the first versions and it gets more complicated as it goes on


It's cool! It's already been done though. Just not very thorough.


Would you be interested in doing a collab on it?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but I can only work on a little
  • No



@Paydent12 Yes, I would.


Would you like to make a collab account. BTW I know a trick we can do that once were done with the project we can repost it on our profile without the tag thingy at the to :smiley:


It can be you draw your person!


Thats a good idea 202020


I can ask my friend to help she is great at coding


Wow boo cool idea...I'm all for it!


I think that the sims on hopscotch is a bit innapropiate... There are 6 year olds on here... (This comment may be deleated because of Hopscotch's spam stopper :disappointed:) been deleating my posts all day!


Ok can we think about taking love away? Or stuff like that?


How would it be in inappropriate?


The kissing and stuff like that I think


Well we wouldn't add relationships and stuff like that


Even if you remove the kissing and all that, if the kids like the game they will get the original game!


If their six they probably have to get permission from their parents


All my freinds and me
don't care about not full game either!


And the game is 12+ {filling up blank space}