The "Should I Leave" Topics


Okay, I'm getting slightly irrated with the "Should I Leave?" topics for the following reasons:

  • Everybody is going to say that you should stay. Of course everyone is going to say that you should stay because otherwise it's just rude.

  • This isn't that place where these topics should be. This is a kids coding app forum, these topics are not necessary.

Sorry if that sounded rude, but it does bother me.


I kind of agree…


I totally agree!

Great job!


I kind of agree too...


Okay, I agree, but there is one thing: sometimes you need to relieve the sense of people saying "hey where's ____". That's why people make those topics, not just for attention.


Well, I think "I'm Leaving" topics are okay because of your reasoning, but the "Should I Leave?" topics get annoying.


I agree (not to be rude)


This is something I really agree with because nobody's going to tell you to leave you choose you go and you could always come back hopscotch forum wount go anywhere and I agree a topic that says you'll be leaving is important so people know to stay I think touch.
(Not to be rude)


It is really annoying sometimes, especially when random people start asking for no reason other than (most likely) other people doing it and getting attention.


I agree.



I agree too! Good topic!


Good topic, :slight_smile:


I totally agree!!
Nice topic, tho!!
Very creative!


Great topic!


I pretty much agree!:grinning:
Da comments on these topics are you-are-amazing, you-are-so-fantastic, plz-don't-leaving-you-are-so-awesome and stuff leike dat.:neutral_face:
BTW, no offence to anyone dat posted these comments, I just think dat these topics are a lil attention-grabbing.:wink:


Soz for my topic like that
I was in confusion...


I wasn't pointing at you.:sweat_smile:
And it's OK!:wink:


I agree a lot..
We can't Acutially say u have to leave




Yeah. I totally agree. "I'm leaving" is ok, but "should I leave" is annoying
And sometimes the person makes the poll public, so of course no one will say no! It'll just be mean.

I don't mean to be mean, but yeah