The Secret LEIKS Organization


What is the secret behind lieks?

LEIKS stands for= loves entering into kid's souls

Their secret hideout is in the Hopscotch Forum.
They use their charm and sly ways to enter into your head and make you think they are good. Then, they make you press the heart to make them more popular and more used. They effect your self-esteem and make you obsessed in crazy. Several victims have been severly damaged and have left Hopscotch and THF because of their wicked, mind controling ways. Join me frens, to stop the LEIKS organization.


I know this sounds completely crazy, but I'm dead serious




Woah :scream:
Such mission much wow


It's all part of the process frens. Don't use the likes. Instead, let go of them and say, I like your project


They try to ruin people's self-esteem.


Is anyone going to join forces to stop the LEIKS organization?


I think @tankt2016, @MiracleShoutouts and @Candycane would be great help against this enemy.


Yes. We need all the supporters we can get


Wow! That's a long thing to say when you're laughing xD


Are you joining us, to fight back?


What exactly is this?


Sowwy but I can't stahp lieking


You just stop liking. Bc leiks are evil. And manipulative


I'll start a group of spam likers.


You have officially turned to the LEIKS organization. Farwell, old fren.


Should I make a topic for it?


If you want. Old fren. Betrayal......




Goodbye. You have turned your back to me *shun