The salami clan


the salami

Its a superrrr elite club soo ya


Owner: @AHappyCoder
Co Owner: @XiaoMiaoMi
Nooblets: @AHappyCoder @Bananadog
Topic Stalkers: @Dude73
Spam Likers:
Roasters: @XiaoMiaoMi

recruits yayyyy

@KVJ for spam liker

Will recruit as time goes on :DD

But oooooobo hooo its not Hopscotch related

shhh nooblet

@XiaoMiaoMi i was wondering if you wanted to collab on the trilobite game????


Thanks for approving me! :smile:


The trilobite game? Sure!

Whats the main point of it? Like, what are the objectives?

I'll see what I may be able to help with.


Like you need to find out how the city of the trilobites got destroyed


I will be trolls
Because I am one


Why is it the salami clan?


idk lol

@Sweetlina maybe I will decide

This is biased XD


Could I join? Yeahhhhhhh?


Idk, maybe


@Bananadog you must join :DD




Oh goodness okay XD
Are you making a project? :0000
I'm not very active anymore though ._.
I have so much work ;-;


Idk probs not XD

Lol just be laik a clan admin k?


The noble nooblets is admin


Ai must reformmmattt it to be Nooblets as highest rank but Ai can't be bothered


Lol the irony, everyone is using the forum to get mad about the subscription yet, the forum sounded like a big reason for THT to need the subscription XD


whaaaaaa the...
but it has to be HS related....


The idea is if it is at all active, it should be lol


Oh ok sorry I did not read the whole topic.