The Sacred Unpublished MagmaPOP Project


Remember MagmaPOP guys?

There is still the sacred link

  • OMG it's so good ;-;
  • Ehhh



It's his shade pad...


But it's a drawing on it (or it should be)


View it on the web player :wink:


Oh, it just goes straight into hopscotch for me


omg thats amazing! why are you so good at everything!!! wow that drawing is amazing


I'm on computer so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


i know i just replied to the first reply i saw


:/try going in an computer


Can you take a screenshot? My computer is laggy.


holy potatoes that's good!


It's not good enough... There's one "ehhh" vote... Please take it down! :wink:
@Follow4LikesOfficial @GysvANDRegulus


Ok, sorry! But I wanted to share it. No offense, but I think whoever voted that was jealous, because it IS good.


I don't understand, how do do that without a stylus? Whenever I try to draw a line on hopscotch, it always lags and gets out of place.


It's amazing, you shouldn't let one "eh" vote bring you down! Most of us see it's amazing :slightly_smiling:


Can you... I don't know... Unpublish the post with the drawing? Thanks


That's crazy.
You also remixed my "Adele" project and unpublished it! WHY?!? It was awesome!


It wasn't good enough for me


Oh my you are making me ashamed of my art


You must have high standards