The Sacred One Button Poll



So if you have been digging thru the forums enough, you might've noticed these one button polls - spreading thru everyone's profiles. That I probably started. That probably evolved into some secret society.



to join this secret society I mean, make this one button poll, follow this:


Go to your account settings and scroll to where you it says: About me


After that, put in a poll as you normally would. But with one option only.


This step is very important other wise you will have to waste another 10 seconds of your life repeating steps 1 and 2 because you didn't read this part, so read it now!

Then, scroll all the way to the bottom and hit "Save Changes"

Now your all done! That was easy right? No forms, spills, or effort required!

Spills? Is this Billy Mays or something?

So go ahead and fill out this survey and donate the bits and zeroes that make up a like!

  • I already had one...
  • Meh.



I already made one! Inspired by you and Rawrbear of course!

It's at the bottom of my profile!


lol this is cool! But whenever I put polls the forum gets laggy for some reason, so I don't put polls :\


Nice! But I'm keeping my tiny little bio for now :P


Look at @SUPERSWAGGY's bio lol


Or @PopTart0219's XD


We can now conclude that Poptart and superswaggy probably went to chickafilla, where Poptart gave superswaggy ketchup. But wait... Chickafilla's letters are red, and so is ketchup, and so is the color of the McDonald's letters...



So. It's a coincidence.


Wow, 8 likes in the first 6 minutes. Thanks to all!
Also, I theorize that PopTart works at Chick-Fil-A and then SUPERSWAGGY asked her for some ketchup.
PopTart knew her boss wouldn't mind and so gave him ketchup.

Very different from @Anonymous's idea...


It's different mainly because I think Poptart and SS are kids (not 14+)
Also, can't like: :heart:


Uh... volunteering?


Y'all don't get the story.

Chickfila and I are in a very serious relationship.

I give @SUPERSWAGGY ketchup (or mustard, mayo, or ranch dressing) everyday at lunch unless I can't find him or I'm sick or he's sick or I'm at a teacher or he's at a teacher.


Our bios have nothing to do with eachother xD


*disappointed 'aww'ing from the audience*


Wowzas, nice topic in 20 minutes! New record for me or something...


I'm the one who gave you Nice Topic. :D


I wish I could like bios

;-; I cri