The Rules of Hopscotch


Hey guys! Today I am going to share with you some hopscotch rules.

  1. Be Respectful and Kind
    Most people work hard on their projects! Promote what you love, but don’t bash what you hate. Like a project, if you like it/think it’s cool. If you hate a project, just leave it! Unless the project is inappropriate, then bring it to the coder’s or THT’s attention.

  2. Be Appropriate
    Do not be inappropriate! Hopscotch has many 6-8 year olds, and you have to make sure you are being appropriate. For example, no profanity, harsh topics, language, or mentioning something controversial. If you see this kind of project, bring it to the attention of the public!

  3. Not just TEXT in your projects!
    Make sure you are coding on a regular basis and aren’t just putting text in your projects. Code something! If you have to convey information for some kind of club or challenge, do it WITH code! Whenever I have to deliver a message, I also add some kind of cool code to it. (Plus, Hopscotch won’t let you publish something with no code and just a text object.)

  4. Try NOT to abandon Hopscotch
    I have seen SO many abandoned accounts on Hopscotch! Try your hardest to post if love to code. School can be busy, and if you aren’t ON Hopscotch frequently, just delete it! Of course you can stay on the forum, but what’s the point of having the Hopscotch app if you don’t code on it?

So, those where my rules! I’ll be making tons of part 2s and 3s and stuff in the future probably, so just stay tuned for those! If you have any additional rules to add to this, let me know and if we have enough, maybe you can see a part 2 in your future! Thanks a ton!

-Swati :joy:


wait, people still chat in projects? bruh that was like 2 yrs ago didnt know they still did that


I actually don’t know if people still regularly chat in projects, @Anonymous
People mostly chat on the forum now.
I’ve seen it a few times, however.
I don’t think I hve mentioned that, though.




Awesome topic! I don’t really understand why anyone stays on the forum when they don’t have Hopscotch though :thinking:


I have no Hopsotch

It’s boring




At this point, the forum is mostly just GTs anyways.


I thnk alot of people abandonn acounts caus of school devices being taken away as the go up a grade levle


No it isn’t. Pay attention and you’ll notice just how perfectly fine it is. Lots of people talk about Hopscotch (^-^)


Take a look at the latest tab. There is your answer.


Take a look in the general topics, most of them have a lot of code conversations ;)


This is some great guidelines!




THAts what I thoughts.

Like, if you delete it, your account will be abandoned.


Tru dude… there’s the forum now I mean


I mean thers role playing. Idk about chatiig