The Room Two in Hopscotch!


The Room Two!

It's done! here it is:
It glitches on the Webplayer
The Room Two!

Mantid! New Game!

Oh how cool! Never thought a game like that was possible in Hopscotch! Very good game!


Super fun! You always make great games




I like Daleks. They are creepy though!




No problem!! It's my job:smirk::smirk:



I think @AHappyCoder, @MagmaPOP, and @oio are some of the best coders on Hopscotch


Thanks! Why am I using the 20 character hack so much in this topic????????


Thanks for inviting me :smiley:, it woukd have took sometime to find this topic otherwise....andthe game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You invited me to this topic? I've never been invited, so I don't know.


HAHAHAHA Lol! Ok I'll stop Talking about Doctor Who :confounded:


I have no idea! :smirk:


It's fine! Ugh why do I need to use the 20 character hack...


AHHHH I did not get the Promoter badge :no_mouth:


Will I get it when I invited you????


I think it's brilliant. As if my vote counts... i know... but, if there be a next installment, more gears and contraptions! :smile: All of the mechanical what-nots are just coolness. Love it!

I have my reasons. These complex sequences of scripted events are right in line with the whole "Build it, then play it" mantra. You are on your way to building something Indiana Jones might encounter in the ruins of a lost civilization! Take us there! :spy:




Why don't you put room one and two in the same game?