The Room in Hopscotch!



I have published a new game in hopscotch:

The Room

It's based of the AppStore game!

Here is a link

Mantid! New Game!

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This game is great! I like the style and how proffesional it looks, as usual! It would be a lot gooler if it was longer, becuase it was kinda short.


Thanks! Yeah! I was very low on ideas for puzzles...otherwise I would've made it longer!


I don't get it ?????????


What don't you get??????


How to play, I tapped play and then, I didn't know what to now @AHappyCoder


Oh well There is a [wispers] hidden button


Still don't get it...


Look harder!


What after increasing number???????? a secret combination ????????


Yep, look harder!


If I can get enough ideas for puzzles I might make a Room Two and a Room Three


Maybe you could make more of those light maze thingies, ore like "cut the correct wire" kinda things


wait... I spent 10 minutes looking for how to get past room 2 and you didn't even code it yet!?!?!?!


Ummm what is that supposed to mean?!?!?


I can't wait for The Room 2!! :smiley:


exactly :wink: 2020202020202020


Same. :wink::grinning:


@Rawrbear @SUPERSWAGGY @justanerd @GiraffeProductions I am out of puzzle ideas...