The roblox game!


Sorry I think I will leave hopscotch now on as my mother is angry and my and I am sad now as my bye


The topics you make are supposed to be hopscotch related



Can you think of a way to relate this somehow?

Also I don't think you should share your deets...


Fine, but please phrase that more nicely... no need to get upset or angry.


The first one doesn't show the same message as the second...

Do you wanna recycle this, or relate it somehow? :slight_smile:


No thx I will try myself to delete it!!!!bue


To my knowledge, you can't delete... only THT can.


Ok,but I need to leave now as I got exams so plz don't sead anything to me now!


I play ROBLOX, but make sure to relate your topic please.


Try to keep all topics related, an don't share your acc.


First of your things have to be hopscotch related and roblox is a fun game but there is no where CLOSE that half of the world is playing it only 10 million


Well your not supposed to do this any way and half the world does not play roblox