The Road to Featured (a thanks)


Alright guys, I have been putting this off for around four days now, but I recently became a member of Hopscotch, or trust level 2. This is a big deal to me because I am attempting to get leader and eventually mod. This post is to tell you my life on hopscotch. (I hope it's not too boring) I am posting this because of how appreciative I am for all the continuing support and kindness from all of you. Thank you!

Anyways here is my story

I started on September 27 2015. I downloaded Hopscotch for MESA, a club in middle school. I had only been in middle school for a month so I was basically still a noob at it. I had learned the basics of Hopscotch in MESA, but all we did was starter projects from Hopscotch. I got so bored and unchallenged that I finally disbanded from the group and went solo for around three months.

During those three months I did a lot, made my Cop Patrol, my oldest projects that were from right after I left MESA. (I deleted all my OLD projects) all the way to sausage cat. I started getting Coders Block, and didn't know hat to code. I had later started coding along side with @TheBlueWombat81 . I was already friends with him at the time, it improved our friendship, and it really was cool to code with him, and I still do to this day!

We started working on code and started making Hopscotch popular throughout our school. The more we coded, the more people joined! I would say we brought 100 kids to Hopscotch, but our big break was all from a project from science.

Our science teacher picked up on our trend and made a project to work on planet facts through a game. (This followed or topic in school at the time though) TheBlueWombat81 and I decided to make ours REAL games, that were not just facts, but fun too. Our goals were to teach others, while entertaining them. TheBlueWombat81 made Satellite engineer and I made Mars. We never thought what happens next would happen.

TheBlueWombat81 and I got featured! Each striking around 50,000 plays to date. We got recognized around one week later by the district, and got interviewed by the school district, and even Apple! We were so happy, we could cry.

We later joined the forum, I started April 12, while TheBlueWombat81 started March 20th. And that is where we are now. We still make games too. I made another great friend between that time, @KoalaKrazy (in my school too) but what about TheBlueWombat81?

Well we still are friends, and now coding partners, and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon!

So, what did you think of my story? Again thanks for all your support, I am growing stronger everyday with every reply, like and follow! Thanks so much!


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Awesome, story! I might wright a story about my road to featured, if that's ok with you!


Definitely! It was really fun to write, brings back memories. :smiley_cat:


Thanks! Idk but I might make one tomorrow!


Cool, I will look for it!


Awesome! Apple interviewed you?


Yep, they did. It was super cool.


Yeah. Can you give me the links for the projects I wanna see them.


This is the best story of lifez :smiley:


Thanks so much!!! That's really nice!


Cop Patrol

Sausage Cat


Satellite Engineer (TheBueWombat81)


My road to featured
My friend (Fooddelivery) and I were having a comp to get the most likes
He happened to one day make a troll simulator which got over 100 likes!
After that I got angry with him cos I only had 16 as my most amount of likes.
One day I republished an old project called 'Nut Shot' which had previously gotten 7 likes! It got featured, I like practically screamed!
After that my average amount of likes became many more and I got a second feature, I beat fooddelivery to the second feature!!!
Hope u enjoyed

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My road to featured:
Stop looking
I don't have a featured.
( ´ ▽ ` )


Yea, @CrookedCat6519 seemed like he wrote down and had practiced the whole thing for 4 days (like he was born for it or something), and I had an uneasy time coming up with what to say.


You made nut shot!? I LOVE that game! It's hilarious and fun. It's original, too!


Keep trying and you will soon!


Yep, prictice and work hard and you can do anything


Yep.....AHEM Tron AHEM