The Retail Topic!


Okay I bet all of you are confused! XD I made a new game called retail tycoon where yin buy to sell and make profit! I need you to debug it for my beta version! Also, please give me a great loading screen and shop names! When this is done, I will make a famous version with big shops like Tesco, ASDA, Sainsburys, I forgot that American shop that starts with W XD, and others! Here’s the link!


This is pretty good! I like it a lot!


@POMTL I forgot to tag you…


I really like it, it is awesome! Amazing job!

Maybe you are talking about Walmart?


That’s the one! Thanks for reminding me!


No problem :slight_smile: I am glad that that was the right one. Maybe you also could add Target to the list? I don’t live in the USA, but I have been there once about three or four years ago, so I don’t remember so many famous shops from the US. Only Walmart, Target, a few smaller store, Sawgrass Mills (not any stores in there though) and then a supermarket that I don’t remember what it is called.


Costco. Home Depot. Shop Rite.


Walmart, Target, Food City, Publix…those are mostly grocery stores…well, Target has a little of everything.


I’ve never heard of the last two.

Meijer is one.


Hai @HopedHoper, I noticed a bug… here:

Blazeby is incorrect on the menu


If you want I can add on a bunch of stuff. I don’t even need credit given to me.


Thanks for the support! 10 likes already! IVE SET MYSELF A HOPEDHOPER RECORD! IN 5 DAYS, WHAT IS THE MOST AMOUNT OF LIKES I CAN GET? IM SO HAPPY! You know what, Illrelease another update in a week time probably fixing the customer walking problem… Also, Stay tuned for the pink and blue version and the neon version don’t soon!


I can add a bunch of shelves and stuff if you want…


coles woolies aldi
australia ftw



Anything else can I improve before the final version?


Ok good but there is still more stuff to fix:
1.It is still impossible to buy more than one water bottle and for them to all be palmed on the shelf
2.The ridges spinner randomly popped up without be buying it or the shelf
3.The person bought both the water and the fidget spinner, is this supposed to happen?
4.Shouldnt the person go up to reach the fidget spinner?


I don’t get the first improvement…,
What new things I added did you enjoy?


Only one water bottle appears on the shelf even if you buy multiple


I’ll fix that :wink:


You would have to make 8 new objects and just copy the code except with increasing values