The results for the Olympics


Hi and welcome to the Olympic team results! It was very hard to judge because all of the projects were so good. The judges all agreed on these results.
We changed it up a bit so now gold is 5 points, silver is 3 points and bronze is 1 point.

The results for......Project related to the Olympics

The winner of gold is...... @DA-BEASTY
Why: We love The pixel guy and the game! Awesome job!

The winner of silver is.... @WinningMonkey
That was a awesome idea and I loved the guy jumping up and down in the corner XD

The winner of bronze is @Goobrgrlrye
We like the way u include the Olympics and ur country

Note: This was a very hard category to judge cause they were all so good

The results for...... Pixel art

The winner of gold is @BB-Box
We liked that u made a big pixel art. I also like the way it was in a circle XD it just looked cooler to me. Awesome job!

The winner of silver is @Snoopy
I loved the pixel art you made and the background

The winner of bronze is @thebestest
I liked what you made. Go Pokemon

The results for.... Trail art

The winner of gold is @Sensei_Coder
Very good job. It made me hungry

The winner of silver was @RobotPro
Ur trial art was very detailed and great job!

The winner of bronze is @MelodiousParrot
very good job for ur first time

The results for.... Background!
The winner of gold is @Potter_Head
Each background was really good but having a 4 in 1 was an awesome addition. Great work!

The winner of silver was @DreamerGirl
I liked how it was flashing and it was a cool background

The winner of bronze was @Niftynia75
It was a very relaxing and cool looking background.Good job!

The results for......Sins and cosines
The winner of gold is @SmileyAlyssa
I like the loading screen a lot and the floating rings/targets are cool. I love it!

the winner of silver is @happyfacegirl
It's so cool looking. It gives me like an exciting feeling

The winner of bronze is @xXBARNSLEYFCXx
It makes a really cool design at the end. Great job!

Overall results

First place with a score of 16 points is.... UK!!!!!!!!

2nd place with a score of 13 is...... Canada!!!

3 rd place with a score of 9 is...... Germany!!!!!!


Is there going to be another one ?


OMG! This is sooooo spectacularly awesome! I'm soooo happy right now! I literally shouted when I read this! Two things to shout about. I got second in best background p! That's awesome! And my team got second! Woooo Hoooo!
Plus, 1st comment!
Edit: Second! :frowning:


O.O YAY UK!!!!!!!GG I guess.@Ella_13, are you gonna do this next year? It was really fun.




I'm hoping to do another one


Another olymics or another challenge ?


The olympics happen every 2 years XD


Oh yeah, lol


Every 4 years actually. There commonwealth games are in between the olympics though.

Comm. games 2010
Olympics 2012
Comm. games 2014
Olympics 2016
Comm. games 2018 (yay, they are in Gold Coast, Australia)


The olympics are very rare


Oh ok. I do it by summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.
2012- summer
2014- winter
2016- summer




Oh yeah!!
I forgot about them! Probably because there is not much snow in Australia!:cloud_snow:


I can't remember snow ;-;


Only in the mountains


Only in the Highlands/the North and West :joy:

Senpai noticed me!


Well congratulations to everyone who competed. Everybody was very resilient when problems arised and it was very enjoyable.
Thank you @Ella_13


Thank you for saying that! You did an awesome job!


"Rare" isn't the right word, considering they are planned out and you know when they happen.
ik this doesn't matter but im bored k thicks