The Reptile Club!



the reptile club
inspired by @ahappycoder
Here we can code reptile-related projects in Hopscotch!

Do you like reptiles:
Are you fine with pictures of snakes, etc.:
Hopscotch Username:



Do you like reptiles: they are amazing
Are you fine with pictures of snakes, etc.: yes!
Hopscotch Username: BB-Box


I will post the first challenge when I have 5 peeps.
Also, you can just generally code reptile stuff and post it here.

here is some reptile inspiration


Do I like reptiles? I love them!! Mom said when I am 10 I could probably get a chameleon.
Am I fine with pictures of snakes etc? Yes, I'm ok with it. (I think snakes are cool)
Hopscotch username:Lyrabubbles.


I love reptiles



Are you fine with pictures of snakes, etc.: I have a snake myself and I'm obsessed with them.

Hopscotch Username: LazyLizard

Note that there is a purple heart at the end of my username. I also am very rarely on during the summer.


Yo, what's this about


Reptiles :D


What are we going to do in the reptile club?


Code reptile related projects.
And complete the reptile coding challenges.




I'm going to go code a Fact File on the Mulga/King Brown, which despite the name, is actually classified as a black snake!
So if you were to get bitten by one, you would get black snake antivenom!


I finished the Mulga fact file!


Random quote from Snake Catcher Victoria!
Don't tell me you're an animal lover, if you only love the cute and fluffy


I guess I will post the first challenge now, even though I don't have 5 yet.


Code a reptile fact file!

It can be about a chameleon, a tortoise, a black mamba, whatever reptile you want!


Can I draw mine on a piece of paper because I canr code?

My best friend has 24 pet bearded dragons and she bred them. After her dragon layed her second batch of eggs, she found out she was moving to the other side of the country. I saw her yesterday and got to play with her 22 bearded dragons! They formed gangs so she had to separate tanks!


Ok, sure.
Why can't you code?


School iPad had to be turned in


I will start now, with the research.


I'll do one about tokay geckos