The Remake Challenge



I had an idea of a challenge just for fun and it is basically taking a very old project (one of your first ones I think would be the best) and remaking it into a better and cooler project.

Must be a old project. (Best if it is one of your firsts)
Must have the same game type ( what I mean by that is it must be like the old project but you can add new things and better graphics and change little things and some more)


Great idea! I was actually thinking about remaking one of my first projects! I've learned so many new skills in Hopscotch that I can use now. This will be so much fun! :D


Cool I hope it turns out good :slight_smile:


I have been working on a remake of an old game also


Great idea! But... there was already a topic made just like this! :0
Here's the link

If it's different and I missed something, sorry! :D


Whoops I didn't know :frowning:


It's okay, just SBYP next time. :D
Do you want to recycle this?


What do you mean recycle it?


Everyone deletes there post and then if you have another idea you use this topic!

I think