The Reign Of System/DOCS PROBLEM


When I use Google, I'm signed in, as always. I opened The Reign Of System link on my iPad, and started to read. I exited the doc, and closed the tab and went back to the forum. When I was in school (keep in mind, I used my school email to open the doc) we had to do a writing assignment. I was going to click on MY PRIVATE DOC to work on it, when I saw 'The Reign Of System'. Knowing fully well that @Caramel_Puffin made this story, I was shocked. You know how they show a person's first and last name on a doc? Well, I saw both. ;-; I will not expose it, though.


Oh, gosh :open_mouth:
I don't understand, how did this happen?
This is serious.


I don't know either. To verify, @Caramel_Puffin, what your first name? It's okay you don't want to share, it's fine, but, it's for investigation purposes. :0


So, when you clicked on your personal Doc "The Reign Of System" showed up instead of your personal Doc? Were you able to edit "The Reign Of System" doc? Was your personal doc deleted? Is there anything I'm missing/misunderstanding?


No, I was going to click on my private school assignment, when I saw TROS (the reign of system)


Ooh. That makes more sense. XD

I would delete the doc and remove yourself from it. You aren't able to edit it, are you?


No, I'm on view. But what if this happens to others?


I'd just tell them to delete the doc. I guess that's the only thing you can do. Just don't spread the personal information!


Okey! But bad people might do bad things with the info... and my teacher knows my pass to my email, and can see what I delete. :0


What kind of bad people can see it?


People on the forum. There might be hackers here, you know.


Google Docs shouldn't be used to share stuff.


@MR.GAM3R, she was going on her own doc and TROS popped up. She wasn't trying to go on CP's doc. :wink:

@AwesomeNachos, well, we'll have to figure out a way to fix this...?


That is because @AwesomeNachos has opened TROS on her iPad before.