The RedPinEPerry Show!


Credit to everyone who did this before me! Sorry for not naming them all, there is too many.

Hello, hello everybody! Clapping Today on the RedPineEPerry show... Pauses We will be doing a game show about how well you know our host... EP125! Just jump right into it! Jumps into 'it' and falls Ouch, that hurt Crowd laughing Here is how it will work-

I will ask a question about me and will wait for somebody to answer correctly. Whoever answers correctly will earn a point. Every 25 questions, I will end the 'round' and whoever has the most points after that will get a pixel art request. Cheering Calm down, calm down everybody... Cheering stops Here is an example!

Me- What is my favorite color?
P1- Purple?
P2- Red
P3- Is it green.
P4- It is yellow
Me- @P2 is right! They get a point!

Well, that is it! Cheering Thank you! Bows Thank you everybody! Walks off stage

Cheering Why are you cheering? I'm done talking... Silence
@Nerd4Ever 1
@Catface4 0
@BB-Box 1
@KoolM123 0


Question 1- What is my second favorite color?




Thanks for answering! You are the first person!




Thanks for answering!


Okay! @Nerd4Ever got it right! Next question- What is my favorite game besides Hopscotch?


Is anybody going to answer the next question?


Scratch? Minecraft? oh, yeah I forgot to say that I'm joining


Thanks for joining! That is incorrect! You can keep guessing until somebody gets it right




Yesss!!! Next question, what is my favorite project?


Don't get 30.