The Reasons of @funky63


Every time I log into hopscotch, I see people criticizing funky 63 Greenland. You might be wondering, WHY?! :rage::rage: Mean! But I'll at least guess why he does this. (Because I'm not him)

Why? I'm pretty sure it's because of one thing: change. Since the beginning of hopscotch, there was little to none
-begging for likes
-begging for followers
-stealing projects (without credit)
At that time, it was a great community. But now, lots and lots more people start doing this. It escalates. If someone gets a lot of likes on a "I'm gonna quit" project, more and more people are going to do it, just to get those likes. It's like spreading jam! Funky is probably annoyed that more people are doing this, and his famous basketball project got the "no credit" bug. I agree with funky that these should stop, but I agree with you guys too, funky, if you are reading this, please change the way you talk to people. "Not cool" or "not okay" is fine, but "get a life" or "try plugging in the brain before you connect the mouth" is not.
Thanks for reading, I hope you understand now.

P.S. I wrote this in


I was going to write something like this, but since you already did, all I can say is I agree.
Plus, funky's English isn't the greatest so he might say some tin he doesn't mean.


I understand as well. Before, there were no 'followers.' There were likes however, and boy was it hard to get on Featured! Before that, there wasn't even a community! Hopscotch is blessed to have a community to share coding ideas. Likes are just shown as a sign of credit, that people like your projects. Followers don't affect you at all. They affect the person who is following you. No one knows how many people follow you, but people who follow you know that they follow you, and YOUR projects show in their 'following' screen.


They never updated Featured in the first few updates. Just the same old people. I mean the projects were awesome.


Now he is roasting bullies, I don't know if that's good or bad. :confused:


If it makes a difference yes but otherwise no


I like it personally, they're going down! but I don't know if it's right.