The Reason behind Hate


I recently stumbled across lots of hate accounts. Some were so bad, I don't even want to repeat them. @OrangeScent1, @LotsaPizza, @MagmaPOP and @SnowGirl_Studios were only some victims. You might be wondering, why? Why create hate accounts? Well, lucky for you, I spent typing this to inform you.

Many people are jealous of certain hopscotchers. Maybe it's because of their awesome code, maybe it's because of their unique drawings. Whatever the case is, this person decides to create a hate account. This is like a message to the victim, saying I hate your projects, when I really don't because I'm jealous and want your gifts. These people try to hurt emotions, so that the victim will go off course. If this has ever happened to you, don't feel bad. this encourages the bully. Instead, admire yourself, wow, someone is jealous of me!

Popularity and Likes

Let's say one person says: *I hate PinkDetergentwithFlishFlavoredTwinkie's projects. Like if you agree. And somehow, they get popular from it. These kinds of people are just weird, because they have a very, very odd way of showing hate. I can't resist sharing this.
This is what my face is like when I see these kinds of people

Sometimes, they don't even hate the person! They just want attention, but use negativity, which is NOT a good way.

The Troll
Yup, it's true! Some people actually do this! They want the person to feel embarrassed or depressed about it. They just get some laughs, but it's not that funny.

I hope this helped you identify types of hate! It's so sad to see hopscotch turn into a hate-community. Together, we can stand up and eliminate!

Has this helped, do you understand?

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If you created a hate account, please stop. What would you think if someone created one directed at you?


You add, "Has this helped?" but you can't say if it did on the poll.


Oops thanks for that

Has this helped you identify types of haters?

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What other reasons might people make hate accounts? Post if you know another reason.


Because it was a dare when you were playing truth or dare???????


All these kind of hates cannot be stopped. Especially jealousy, I'm sure someone is jealous of me. Just chilling out, in his room, trying...




Hate account.

Meh, for me, I don't care. None of my business.

The best way to prevent your self from hating the haters is by simply igonring them.


As simple as that!


Can't like, so here's a :heart:


I can't like either, lol here :heart:


This is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. If someone has a hate account against you, it's probably just their (very) twisted way of complimenting you and saying you are awesome.
You're probably too awesome for them to handle!:sunglasses:


Omg I agree with you COMPLETELY. I think you covered most of the reasons, I don't have another reason but I have a statement: I think this way they are doing it is just plain RUDE!! Some people, they don't want to blow their cover of being a good Hopscotcher. So they like go back in fourth of being this sweet person that people look up to, then going on to this phoney account saying rude things. So you could just be looking at a nice normal Hopscotcher and then he/she could actually be a big bad bully! I think it is diabolical! In a really bad way! And for some people, they are just so happy because they FINALLY got a project on featured, and they worked so hard to do it, and now they are widely known. So they are SO happy! But then this ■■■■ comes and writes them a mean note and publishes it. Then that person is not so happy, and that ■■■■ ruins the excitement. I have witnessed that happening. And it almost happened to me! Luckily, I have been bullied before, and so I was smart enough to NOT take the punch. And I hope everybody who has been bullied by that "■■■■" compares that one nasty remark to all of the other NICE and ENCOURAGING messages people have said about them. Thank you for reading. I hope we can eliminate the hate accounts!


it also might be they want to be popular, and they are pretty good but one hopscotcher (say OrangeScent ) is better than them. they then try to discourage them and the victim makes bad projects.:pensive:. this is a horrible way of becoming popular. NO HATE ACOUNTS!!! ps the hopschotch team should see this and put out a project on this on hopschotch.




What, if coukd happen one day.........


Do you guys know the names of any projects that have people being rude and mean on it? I want to see how bad this gets and look for clues on why they are doing bad things. Please tell me! It's about time we END hate accounts!


Um me to there is an hater account called I hate FruityMilkshake


Ok, there is this very mean hopscotcher named MAKAYLA:basketball: And I had to like report all of her projects! She's being so mean to just innocent people who didn't even do ANYTHING!


Wow is she mean to to you @SmileyAlyssa


She is??? I just saw her being mean to other people!


She is asking: Is she mean to you @SmileyAlyssa


Oh!!! No, not me. I just was browsing and she kept saying some really mean stuff. Like people would give her a great speech about being mean and she would just be like "get a life, you are ugly". (Clairification: I am not saying this to anybody, she is saying it.) And then she said to someone: my dads a police officer and he's coming to get you, and I'm going to beat you until your private areas bleed out. Like, WHO WOULD DO/SAY THAT???!!!:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: She's just being plain mean and creepy for no reason!:sweat: