-The Realism Art Club-


Hi guys! I decided to make an art club that realism artists can post in and participate in challenges. If you get accepted, I highly reccomend to put this on watching.

Do you draw realism:
Will you participate in challenges:
Will you be nice to others:
Do you draw on paper and digital:
Are you comfortable with one shade challenges:
In challenges, will you follow the rubric:
Put two screenshots of your art. One digital and one paper.

@Currency5097193 / @cash (Leader)


Sorry, I can't join...coz of school... ;-;

I'll watch this topik tho


It's fine! :two_hearts:


I do not have any new paper realism art due to my project and lack of time gahh


One quick, off topic question... (Sorry)
What program/app do you use?


SketchbookExpress(Or something)


Cool! Thanks X3


More submissions please