The Real Funky 63 Greenland Notification



Hello fellow hopscotchers,
I've seen some mean messages about Mr. @Funky_63_Greenland, and I dislike it. Most of them are about his profile picture.
1. That might be him, and who says adults can't be on hopscotch?
2. If that isn't him, stop making fun of his picture anyways.
He's an amazing coder and he left hopscotch. I heard it was because of mean messages. So stop the hate!


He didn't leave. He is still here. And that is him, in the picture. He is a great coder.


He didn't leave. His profile picture is himself, but he is an adult, so he know what he is getting into. He obviously lives in Greenland. Hopscotch is for everyone. I never made fun of his profile picture.