ThE rAyS tOpIc FoR tHE MLB tEaM cOnTeSt!


Hey guys!

This is the topic for the Rays team in @Ella_13's MLB team contest. Here we will discuss what events each person will do, you can post progress and ask questions if you need any help.

The events are:
Pixel Art
Trail Art
Coolest background
Coolest Game


  • Don't be mad because you aren't captain
  • Don't argue with what events you are assigned unless you can't do it ( like you have no idea how to do sine and cosine)
  • Turn in ur project on time
  • Don't be mad about what team you are on
  • Be polite
  • Have fun

Turn in your project here:


If you need any help, please ask! So yeah, that's it and I'll see you guys soon!

The events are:
Pixel Art: @MR.GAM3R
Trail Art: @MR.GAM3R
Sine/Cosine: @MR.GAM3R
Coolest background: @thebestest
Coolest game: @Zachyswag


so this is a collab account pretty much?


Oh, ok.


sure. and also, call me TACOCODE. that is my current account. i am changing the name of the account but it takes a few days to process apparently


ok, and also we are the almost the same age! i turned 13 the day before school started and i am in 8th grade


@Nboss84 :slight_smile: please delete all ur comments though so we don't clog up the topic


Ok, folks!

I would like all of you to rank the events in order of which one you would like to do most / which are you best at first, and the one you'd least like to do / weakest at last. After everyone has ranked the events I will assign them. Got it?



Drawing pad first
Game second
Everything else last


Ok thank you.


This is the link to where to turn ur project in

Please follow the directions to turn in ur project

The contest ends 5:00 pm on October 3rd


Thank you @Ella_13. Is it 5pm for a specific timezone, or 5pm for wherever you live?


5pm for wherever u live



Hey guys could you please rank the events order of which you are best at / want to do most first and the weakest / one you want to do least last?


Ok awesome! Thanks



Could you please reply to my post? We don't have all the time in the world.


Just assign them randomly


Ok I guess


Ok im so sorry I replied this so late but heres what i got!
1. Coolest game, Coolest background, or pixel art
2. Sine and Cosine
3. Trail art (im really bad at it trail art)


ok thank you!


Ok guys so I'm going to assign the events now.

Game: @Zachyswag
Pixel art: @MR.GAM3R
Background: @thebestest
@KoolM123 you okay with sine/cosine?
Trail art: @Nboss84