The Random Search Challenge!



Have you ever tried to find a great, feature-worthy project in newest? (Believe me, it's hard.) Well, I have a way to help with this. It doesn't usually come up with many actual projects, but you find them more often by doing this.

I challenge you to search something random in Hopscotch and try to find a project you find really cool! Post a link here and everyone can try the project you find! :D

If you think the project is feature-worthy, you can post it on the Nominations For Featured topic! :D

Noticing Lesser-Known Hopscotchers

I love this idea! :heart:


Has anyone found projects by doing this? I found this project:
It's Leave A Trail art, and I'd say it's pretty good. :D

I found this project by @EggsOnSaturn1 (10-12 mins ago), and it's pretty amazing!


Thank you so much! I just started using trail art, and it seemed pretty cool! I started it on a school bus with my friends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Revival because I'm spamliking @Mathgirl (though she may not even see them :joy:)

Cool method! I may try this when I'm on HS! :thumbsup:


I noticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :D


You're welcome!

I'm determined to get on your MLB list in your Summary >; )


Fast fingers o.O

Thanks to that one like I'm ahead of @Maltese in your Most Replied To °o0O.O0o°