The Rainboom Topic!



This is a topic all about me!! Ask me questions, ask for help with code, ask for some games needing help and you wanna help, basically anything about..... You guessed it....



What's your favourite thing to code?


IDK.... I like to code lots of things! Maybe games... Like fun games.... Is that like weird? Yeh maybe like, you know games that are very entertaining and fun and cool graphics and sound and like, IDK..... Really cool stuff??

(Sry is that confuzzaling I wrote it kinda weirdly XD)


How did you find hopscotch?


My dad and I were looking for iPad-to-iPad apps on the App Store and we went to the 8 to 12 section and hopscotch was the first one there! I'd always wanted to try coding so we downloaded it and I have been addicted ever since!! XD


Hai @Rainboom my fren!!!!


Let's go to my updated one XD


Oh. Another embarrassing story. Yay