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News & info here: (Menu screen \/ )

Reviving the Rage Game

Kk. (202020202020202020)


Level 1-3 layout drafts 1. The second image is level 3


Joewheels is working on the character menu like the scrolling or pages.


One question: on the account, will you tell us the easiest way to beat the levels so we can beat the levels? Because now I think of it, it's probably pretty hard since it's the "Rage Game"


Some levels are harder than others but the first level isn't really hard. Some other levels won't be to hard. We might add difficulties but probably not.


Ok!!! Just wondern'!


Yeah we could but probably after the Realese so probably a side project after we Realese it.


What should the first boss be?

  • Octo
  • Monkey
  • Gorilla



@Rawrbear @Hoppertoscotch can you guys beta test after I finish the first four levels?


@GiraffeProductions just tell me when you have done that!!!


Will do. (20 characters blah)


Second page of character selecting menu.


Which new character should we use or should we kept using the one with no eyes.


What character is the original one? It's a bit confusing. Is the original one white with black eyes?


It's the one with no eyes.


I like the one with the eyes better.


Do you like the black one or the white one.


I like both, @Hoppertoscotch, what do you think?


Excuse me but I made a game with characters just like black one