The pros and cons of getting featured!


I was recently featured for the first time, and now I'm seeing what it's like being featured. It's good, and bad! I'll tell you why! If you've never been featured before, keep coding! These cons are minor, but they shouldn't stop you.


  • a wave of likes
  • A wave of remixes
  • New followers


  • this is something I found out today, Stealers. They steal credit. Someone remixed my project, with the same things, just changed the part with my name to there's. It's not that bad though, because anyone can clearly see it was a remix.

  • Haters. I haven't got any haters yet, but the more attention you get, the more bad attention you get.

Again, aim for featured! These cons are minor, and easy to overcome. This is not ment to be bragging about the attention and stuff you get when you're featured, this is just to inform you about being featured.

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The quest to get on featured! (The ultimate guide)
How do you get featured? ☹️☹️☹️☹️
The ultimate guide to getting featured!

Congratulations on being featured!


Great topic :D


Great topic! :D And again, congrats! :D
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I agree! It's so awesome to be featured for so many reasons, but I've had people say "actually made by XXX" when they remix. I just ignore those remixes though, all they want is attention I think. XD

But likes and follows and maybe even a fan account? are the most amazing parts of being featured. Great topic and points made @bluedogmc-official!!


Thanks! I wish I had a fan account, that would be a dream for me! Do u have any fan accounts? I'm sure u do!


No problem! You've made some very great and very true points! :D

And I hope you get a fan account! Those people behind the accounts seriously rock. :D And I have a couple! I'm super grateful for them though! :D

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Awesome topic! ^^

Another pro is you inspire a ton of
people to make awesome projects! :D


Awesome topic! Maybe I'll be featured in a couple months, congratulations on featured!


Congrats! Another con, sorta, is your activity going off every 2 seconds. Another pro is knowing what it takes for a worthy project and how to code quality.


Congrats on the feature! You deserve the feature. c:

This is so true! On another account, I made a "How I feel about..." project. Like, where they put O's and you fill in the face with an emotion that describes how you feel about something.

Then someone put right below it:

Made by ??????????????


Cool topic!

I have no chance of getting featured untill September at the earliest ;-;


I'm sure you will be featured! Keep working on it, and I will be sure to nominate your projects for featured!


One pro is the pride you feel at knowing your project was good enough to be recognized by people who code for a living (A.K.A. The Hopscotch Team).

Congratulations on the feature!


Another con:

Too many likes. Your activity tab is dying.


I enjoy getting likes, but it can be annoying. I also get a lot of remixes!


Hmm I agree

Last year I got a feature (summertime 2015)

But this was before they got like massive amounts of likes. This was when they got like 100-300 likes. People remixed but it wasn't like the "made by so and so"