The project I posted isn't loading


So I posted a project where you drag around a "marshmallow", and when I posted it, I couldn't get the posted project to open, it just kept loading and loading. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

Oh, and I was using the most recent HS update. Does anyone know how to fix this bug/glitch.

Here's a link that probably won't open: The project that won't load


Does it have images? Maybe it's going through the filter. THT have to check every project


No it doesn't, it just has a text from the app a Fancy Key, and that's it.


Well that's strange! Do you have the latest update? Although that shouldn't affect it


Yeh I have the latest update.


Maybe we should tag the admins


Yeh I guess.

@liza @Rodrigo @Thomas @asha


Hmmm, it wont load for me either :anguished:


Web: fully working:


But it doesnt work on HS


Did it work for you on HS?


Does it have an empty text object in it? If so that's probably the issue.

We found a bug like this last night. We've submitted a fix to apple and it should be fixed in the next version which will come out as soon as they approve us. Sorry about this.


I think it does have an empty text, for the background.


:frowning: Sorry buddy...should be fixed soon.


It's ok (Buddy is one of my nicknames) lol


It happened to me this morning when I finished my pixel art


Won't open for me either. It just loads on and on.

its the taunting and evel loading screen bear >:(


@Dylan329, I'm having the same problem. A project I made is like that, and I can't seem to view your project either.