The Project Awards! (Yes We're Back!)



You know all these hopscotch awards? Well this one has a twist! Instead of hopscotchers you chose their projects! Request new category’s and nominations!

Best Graphics-

Best Drawing Pad- InvisiPad 1.2 By @MagmaPOP

Best Use Of Maths-

Best Game-

Best 3D Project- 3D Easter Egg Painter By @CreationsOfaNoob

Best Loading Screen-

Best Movie-

Bets Website-

Best Trial Art-

Best Pixel art-

Best Background-

Best Music Project-

The Nominating will close 12th November!
Good Luck!


Great idea!

I would nominate one of Yummy Muffin :cherry_blossom:'s projects for Best Website, just gotta find one.


I nominate MagmaPOP’s “InvisiPad 1.2!” as the best drawing pad award


I nominate @CreationsOfaNoob’s “Easter Egg Painter!” as the best 3D Project



Also maybe add a best background?
And best pixel art
And best Sine/CoSine
And best trail art


Add a best music project. Please.


On all topics there are loads of likes but barely any replies :grey_question:


Are we aloud to vote more than one project


K. Hold up a second.
Edit: Here’s the one for best music project that I have in mind. It’s made by Mr.rex, Mystic_Maniac, and me. I just made the project on my account.


Sure! But when polls come out you can only vote for one!