The project auction

In here people will bet for ownership of projects meaning they will save it to their profile and then the original owner will delete the original project so the new owner can publish as own with a bit of credit to the original owner. People will bet things like likes, plants, or even-if they work at Hopscotch Technologies-the seed block.


i’m confused, you can buy ownership of a project?


Sort of it’s explained in the OP

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50 seeds for my among us project

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Problem with that: You cannot save a seed developer project to your profile as saving/editing it is disabled

No I meant bc people who aren’t seed devs can’t get seed block

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Well, seed developers are the only few who have the seed block.


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I meant the people who had not been seed devs would get seed block if they got it in auction

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That’s a bit extreme, a least to my opinion. There’s a reason why only 15 people got the block in the first place…

Edit: 1000

Pay up

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Yea just ignore the seed block part

interesting concept - though think this goes against hopscotch’s friendly branching design?
maybe you could work through the idea - perhaps transforming to a hub/free auctionhouse of freely available pieces from projects? :smiley:

^from my experiences - don’t think this’d be possible - other rewards sound interesting though!


No people name prices and u choose the highest bidder

Ok but I only said that cause I knew this is not allowed

I’ll give u a plant if u ignore the fact that the projects aren’t free

gonna have to deny that offer - not how things work :wink:
I like the concept - how about we could work on the idea a little?
making it less selling and purchasing driven!


Yea how about creators decide if the projects are free or not and every five projects the creator has to do a free one

Also I’ll give u a plant anyway bc I feel like giving


Bruh you can’t do that

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That’s nice :blush:

Her username is DarthPumpkin