The profile picture contest! (Pleese go here)


I want a new profile pic but i don't know what i want
So I decided that I would make a contest
all you need to do is post your picture in this topic by October the 10th
Pictures can be posted If its no earlier than September the 28th

If you want to win than your picture should be ice cream, chocolate, cake
Something yummy looking

The prizes are
a follow on hopscotch
And a hopscotch song request (tell me what song you want) (try to choose a simple song)

Thats it for now!


Hai Checky-chan!

Here's mai entry:

And first reply!:wink:


Another entry!


Here's a cute one!


Anymore pictures?



K here's mine


Anyone posting pictures?




When r u going to announce the winners?


here is mai entry i love pepe da frog


Some ideas, I'm getting more




October 11th


Not much more time to post pictures do if you want to post something than be quick!




@BellaWafflez17 !

Here are some questions

  1. What is your hopscotch name?
  2. What song do you want?

I will try to make the song by no later than 3 days after i know what song it is but I don't how long it will take so I'm just guessing how long it will take it might take longer or shorter

I don't know if anybody will even see this post


Yay! I won! Thank you so much =P


I changed my profile picture!


The song is done!