The Problem with Role Plays


Here are some of the main problems with Role Plays.
1. Hopscotch is a coding app. Not a place to Role Play.
2. They are everywhere. Check newest, it's usually _full _ of role plays!
3. They can upset people. Characters can do annoying stuff.
4. They are only fun to the people doing them. You can follow along stories, but not role plays.
5. They can be inappropriate. Keep in mind there are 6-8 year olds on this app!
I understand that they are fun and creative, but there are other places to do that. Role Plays is not what Hopscotch is for.


Yes I agree :+1:


Well stated "TheGreenBanana", It literally is full of them.


time for another round of hopscotch VS blocksworld

  • hopscotch-roleplaying
  • blocksworld-online dating and roleplays of war


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