The Problem With Rising!


One thing that really angers me about Hopscotch (I'm not saying I hate Hopscotch, I love it, but somethings make me angry) is how projects get into rising. I was scrolling through rising and I saw projects that were Spiral Draw. There have been hundreds of those, no thousands, but a good game that was coded well and worked very hard on and is unique can't get into rising! I have seen hundreds of great projects, but they don't get noticed. A Spiral Draw is in rising? That's ridiculous!


It's because THT is giving a chance to the hopscotcher, or thought it was cool in a way

Go to Newyear2016's channel to learn more about #OperationOpHopscotchers


I just have one question though. How can a spiral draw that has been made thousands of times before stand out from the crowd? And it has no different features!


And what is THT?


The hopscotch team


Again, maybe it was different from others, maybe THT thought it was cool, or maybe it was someone's first project, or maybe it was done by someone who didn't get much attention but his/her projects are great




All the other person's projects were remixes and this was their first project, but then why doesn't everybody's first project get featured. Me, my friends, and other Hopscotchers have made amazing projects but they never go onto rising or trending. I've never been put on trending or featured or rising.


Trending is based on views, not THT.

Again, THT has only 10 people so far (as in @Ian's email) so they can't manage to get everyone into rising/featured. Give the people a chance, one day it might be you.


Ok, thanks for your advice, it has become clear to me.


Please don't take any offence from this!! :grinning:

Rant alert!!!

(pant) (pant) Everyone likes getting their projects on rising/featured! Think what that would be like for the person, they would be VERY happy! I think it's good they got on rising, in fact it's better if some not very well known hopscotchers get on rising! I know there are other projects out there that are better but you should think from the point of this hopscotcher! That would've made their day!
Rant over!! :joy:


Couldn't say it better my self!