The Problem with Perfectionism


I saw this really powerful TED talk video at a girls coding club, and I wanted to share it with you guys! It impacted me a lot, and it makes you think, "Wow!"
The video says it really nicely, but additional (if not already said in the video) information is down below. :D
Stupi.d Questions?
There's a lot of people that say, "I know, it's a question, but ________?"
It's not nice to be mean to others, but it's worse to be mean to yourself.
According to, the definition for the word question is, "A sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get information in reply."
If you have a problem, there's usualy a question for you to ask. Someone else might have the same problem as you do! For instance, if you were to ask, "What is Natasha's name?"
It might seem like a very silly question, but it IS a question. If there's a valid answer to the question, it is a question.
Afraid to Mess Up
As a girl (or if you're a guy, you might relate to this too,) we want to be perfect. We don't raise our hands to ask so-called "stupi.d questions" or ask for help. We don't want to raise our hands to give answers because we're afraid that we're wrong. But, it's OKAY to be wrong!
Coding takes trial-and-error. If you aren't trying over and over again, you're probably doing something wrong, or you're a wizard. But, if you're afraid to mess up, you'll never improve in coding. You'll never try. There's a famous quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
This is why coding is unpopular in girls, because we're afraid to mess up.
Final Thoughts
I hope the video inspired you! :D
Again, I learned all of this from Girls Who Code.
Their website is, I think. If you have more questions, look there because all I know, I just typed! :D
If you have any questions on clarification, you can ask me! Put your thoughts, comments, or questions below and an always, KEEP HOPSCOTCHING! :D

EDIT: I'm not trying to be stereotypical. Even some guys want to be perfect! It was just the example in the video, so I used it here. :slight_smile:


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Nobody's perfect...


Exactly! :smiley:
But a lot of people want to be perfect, which stops them from improving and trying something new!


People are perfect just the way they are.



2010 was wild

awesome speech!! i can definitely relate to being unhappy with something that wasn't my best work, and my grades have suffered because of it

i can offer another quote courtesy of my English teacher: "Perfect is the enemy of done"

it should be good work, but it doesn't help if it's not finished, yeah?


Uhm, I think you just categorized all girls into being self-conscious

Stereotypes are bad


Time to get my perfect nails done and wear my perfect dress. Oh I almost forgot about my perfect makeup, but how could I forget, because I'm so perfect. peeeerrrrrffffeeeeeccccctttt


pretty sure that's not all girls. just sayin

wait what


Yeah, it's not all girls! I did have a paragraph about that, but I deleted it. :0
And, I meant that what I know is what's in the post.
In other words, if anyone has anymore questions about what I posted, then I can't answer them, because everything in that post is what I know.
If that still doesn't make sense, then I'm sorry, maybe someone else you gets it can elaborate on that?


Is there a way I could rephrase my post to make it sound better? :D
I don't want it to seem that way.
My point is: it's okay not to be perfect.


I understand what your saying, it makes perefect sence! Often, girls (deffinetly me) like things to be perfect, and are afraid to reach out and get things wrong. In school, I often think I know the answer but I don't raise my hand because I'm afraid I am wrong.


Sorry, but this world is only meant for perfect people. so if you're not perfect, that's not ok. Please leave.

it's a prank bro. it's JUST a prank bro.


That is a perfect description of me right there ^^
I agree with everything Snoopy said ^–^
Thank you so much for saying this =D


Yeah, thats not how I think. I like it when things are perfect, but I dont care when I make a mistake. Neither do I expect things to be perfect.


But what if being wrong makes me want to dig myself in a hole
You're an asian deal with it bro


Also that's cool that you go to a coding club


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Oh this is cool.